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Blueprint Education partners with schools and organizations


Curriculum Design

Curriculum is at the heart and soul of Blueprint Education. We write our own standards based curriculum that combines the best of traditional academics with flexible delivery methods.  In addition to our over 220 accredited courses, we partner with organizations to develop custom curriculum to meet their needs. 

School and School District Partnerships

Blueprint Education serves schools and school districts in a variety of ways.  Schools can select from over 220 courses taught by highly qualified instructors to augment summer school offerings and provide credit recovery options.  In addition, our courses can be incorporated into school schedules when it is difficult to find a qualified instructor. Locally, we offer alternative education programs for elementary schools.

Therapeutic Programs

We supply fully-accredited courses based on time-tested teaching methods and traditional academic content with the support of qualified professional educators. Blueprint Education also provides the option to align therapeutic program content into formalized curriculum so students who participate in hands-on education can continue earning credits towards their high school diploma during this transition. Our therapeutic programs are woven into outdoor experience and organized group instruction, with a self-based learning format that adapts to individual student needs. Our educational plans engage the student in a holistic, coordinated and creative environment that tests mental, physical and emotional responses to a myriad of academic and real-life challenges.  

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