High School Credits for ANASAZI Wilderness Program

High school credits are available to YoungWalkers and Sinagua Walkers who have completed the ANASAZI Trailwalking. Blueprint Education has partnered with ANASAZI to provide the option of earning high school elective credits. Blending outdoor educational instruction with a traditional curriculum, this academic program may benefit student who leave school temporarily to attend ANASAZI.

Blueprint Education has designed customized elective courses specifically for ANASAZI student that are aligned to national high school elective standards. The Physical Education course has been aligned to national standards for Physical Education. Upon completion of their time at ANASAZI, students are required to complete a portfolio consisting of various assignments which are then graded and a Blueprint Education transcript is issued.

ANASAZI provide student with an Academic Packet containing information for parents and guidance counselors. This packet includes a letter introducing  ANASAZI to the school, and overview of the academic program, the course descriptions, information on accreditation, and a F.A.Q. sheet.

Either of the following elective credit options are available:

Option 1:

  • Physical Education (0.5 credit)

Option 2:

  • Physical Education (0.5 credit)
  • Experiential Communications (1 credit)
  • Leadership & Self-Reliance (1 credit)

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