3D Art I - Modeling/3D Art II - Animation Combo

3D Art I – Modeling/3D Art II – Animation Combo



3D Art I-Modeling focuses on the fundamental concepts of 3D modeling and explores the basic concepts and skills of 3D animation. Students learn Blender® software to create 3D models such as a house, a creature, an animation of the creature walking, and a landscape terrain. Activities include using points on a grid to create mountains and using a color gradient to create a sun and a moon. Students learn 3D space and 3D objects; creating, scaling, and rotating objects; materials and textures; poses and key frames; extruding and mirroring 3D objects; rendering animations; and appending materials, textures, objects, armatures, and animations.

3D Art II – Animation focuses on building animation skills including realistic movement and lighting. Students learn the Blender® software workspace and tools; location and rotation properties; scripts; IP curves; vector handles; rendering and baking animations and simulations; and particle systems and emitters. Activities and projects promote key 3D animation concepts including frames and key frames, squash and stretch, action strips, walk cycles and poses, and trajectories. Students develop the skills needed to design and create animations with an understanding of the skills needed to succeed as professional animators.


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