Expectation Interference May Hinder Your Arizona Online High School Success

Expectation Interference May Hinder Your Arizona Online High School Success. I’ve watched thousands of people workout. I’ve coached hundreds of people. And most people, I would award a “B” for effort. Or worse. I’m just being real.

I would award an “A” for looking like they’re giving an “A” -effort. The scowl. The breathy grunt. Or the flat out giving up before the end of the rep. I wonder “Why are you giving up before the rep is done? Would you turn the stove off before the potato baked? Would you shift the car into drive before the engine revved?” I don’t know, it’s just puzzling that you’d sabotage success with something so minimal.

This is an easy judgement for me because we’re talking about gym time. I would award myself an ‘A’ for effort almost 100% of the time. I know my standard, and I rarely deviate from it.

I think the effort we deliver has everything to do with our expectations whether it’s working out or taking an online high school class.

I think so many people have had so many losing endeavors they actually don’t believe that if they gave 100%, 100% of the time, they’d actually change, so they give a ‘B’ effort. In fact, I think so many of us have had so many losing endeavors in a lot of things, we don’t actually believe we can change, so we set low expectations.

I am in school (yes an online school just like you), and for the first time in my life, I am earning an A. I have taken a lot of classes in my life, and never, ever once considered I had even the remotest possibility of earning an A. The change didn’t happen because I finally decided to believe in myself (although that is a huge part of it!). The change didn’t happen because I found a mentor who believed in me (although that would make a significant impact!) The change didn’t happen because I suddenly got smarter (although that would be super cool!)

The change happened because I allowed my brain to answer a better question which initiated higher expectations. The change happened because instead of asking myself how come I can “never” earn an A, I instead asked “How can I earn a ‘A’?” and instantly my brain inspired answers that fed high expectations.  

In the gym, I am always asking, “How can I get more benefit out of this exercise?” “What’s a better way to do this?” And I believe I reap the rewards. Not just in physique changes, but in becoming a better person for the effort. I think if more of us asked the right questions, more of us would be experiencing better health and better grades at an Arizona online high school like Hope High School Online. Not only for the purpose of experiencing better health or better grades, but for the purpose of being a better person for the effort. 

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