Board of Directors

Mike Porpora

Board Member

Michael is President of the Western Division for OnePoint Patient Care, the nation's leading provider of locally based hospice pharmacy services, filling prescriptions, creating custom compounds, providing home deliveries and managing pharmacy benefits for more than 30,000 patients per day. He is responsible for the Western Division’s operational management, business development, and customer satisfaction. He previously served as the company’s senior vice president of the Midwest region. In that role, he oversaw the region’s pharmacy and logistics operations as well as business development. Prior to that, he was president of OnePoint Patient Care’s Nevada market.

Michael earned his BA in management and finance from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He currently lives in Scottsdale, AZ with his wife Natalie and their two sons Nico and Luca.

Mitch Horlick



Mitch HorlickMitch is the CEO of nSpire, a technology company that provides web based incentive and motivation solutions.  nSpire specializes in health and wellness, customer loyalty,    employee recognition and sales productivity.  Before founding nSpire in 2005, he demonstrated management and leadership abilities over 15 years in national sales for information technology, distribution and manufacturing based businesses.  Mitch has extensive experience recruiting and building sales teams that have outperformed the competition.  He previously started the firm, Aztech Consulting Group which provided recruiting and payroll services to clients as well as career counseling and mentoring to job seekers.
A common theme that runs through Mitch’s career life as well as social life is that of mentoring.  He has helped guide many individuals through difficult decision making regarding their career path.  He also has a strong interest in current worldly and political issues.  This passion helps him understand and have great patience for how individuals from different backgrounds and cultures function. Mitch also has worked with mentally and physically disabled teens to teach them life skills and self-motivation.   He has a strong desire to foster this passion, as it is self-fulfilling in a way very different than his everyday business career.
Mitch earned a Bachelors of Business Administration specializing in Economics and Public Policy from George Washington University.

Mitch lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with his wife Nancy, and two kids, Megan and Andrew.  He enjoys tennis, golf, hiking and trying to beat his kids at Xbox.

John Miller



John MillerJohn currently serves as an Agile Coach and Trainer for the Braintrust Consulting Group where he is responsible for helping organizations become more innovative and collaborative through Agile product development methods.   Prior to his work as an Agile Coach, he proudly served as a K12 Education Technology Director for almost a decade. John was involved in several startup companies in Silicon Alley during the dotcom boom, such as and . John speaks regularly at local, national and global conferences centered around Agile, Project Management, and education.  John graduated from New Jersey City University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. He is a Certified Scrum Professional, Certified Project Management Professional, and a Co-Active Coach, as well as holding many other certifications in the IT industry.

John is passionate about innovation in education. He started the first Makerspaces in schools in Arizona.  He’s currently an active volunteer for Blueprint High School and for the Blueprint Administration team.  John leads an initiative named RightShift Learning, bringing innovative 21st Century learning methods to the classroom, inspired by the way the most innovative companies work. John currently lives in La Jolla, California with his wife and daughter.

Deanna Paglierani

Board Member

Deanna is a Certified Scrum Master experienced in all phases of software development from design to testing and implementation. She truly enjoys working with Product Owners and the Scrum team to produce quality software. Her prior positions as a Senior Software Engineer and Systems Application Analyst have given Deanna valuable insight into the needs of the team.Deanna currently works as a ScrumMaster I for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona. She is a servant Leader and facilitator for two Scrum teams responsible for incremental product development in three-week sprints (iterations). Deanna is a Certified ScrumMaster responsible for facilitating daily stand up, backlog refinement, sprint planning, show & tell, and retrospective meetings.

Deanna has organized several multi-day Agile mini-conferences for local High School students to give back to the community and promote Agile within our company.

She likes to be outdoors as much as allergies will allow and enjoy hiking, swimming, and cycling in the cooler weather.  Deanna is very crafty and is always looking for hidden treasures to repair and give a facelift.

Deanna spends much of her time with husband, six children, friends and her three dogs.  She loves to travel and visits Michigan frequently to be with family and childhood friends from her hometown of Sault Ste Marie.

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