Black Eyes… Wide Open

By Marmy Kodras | Aug 10, 2018

Lessons about teamwork and how we encounter opportunities every day. It’s been a week now that I’ve been recovering from a friendly but harsh league game that turned my eye from normal in all cases to a fine looking “shiner” that became the first conversation piece of each and every new encounter for the week…

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Three Ways of Making Something New Again

By Marmy Kodras | Aug 3, 2018

Update the Purpose Updating the purpose for your change helps others understand why the change is occurring in the first place. They may not necessarily agree with your stated reason but you’ve now given them something with which to work. From here, you can create a space for team members to voice their opinions and…

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Blue Cross / Blue Shield Gives Back – Partnering with Blueprint Education

By Marmy Kodras | Jul 17, 2018

To find out more about our partnership, and to see other partners to our schools visit our page on the Blueprint Education Community Partners page.

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3 Steps to Successfully Use Scrum At the Office

By Marmy Kodras | Jun 30, 2018

3 Steps to Successfully Use Scrum At the Office. By having team members commit to the process of working as a whole. Employing Transparency and reinforcing team building principles through participation. Through this methodology, your team culture can be supported towards success. Committed Team Members…in order for scrum to really have a good foundation from…

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One of our charter schools is getting some much-needed improvements and space

By Marmy Kodras | Jun 22, 2018

One of our charter schools is getting some much-needed improvements and space. It’s called Hope High School located in Southwest Phoenix at 75th Avenue and Lower Buckeye Road. Blueprint Education has operated this charter school since 2011. There was certainly a need for alternative educational options for high school students in that very location. Fast…

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Graduation Time at Blueprint ED

By morganb | Feb 13, 2015

On May, 22, 2015, Blueprint celebrated another graduation ceremony.

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