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We introduced a group of our high school students from both schools to The Barbell Saves Project, a nonprofit supporting the well-being of individuals in recovery from substance use
through using a community-based exercise program. The students heard from former substance users who have made significant turnarounds in their lives becoming certified CrossFit coaches and true inspirations accomplishing their own positive life changes. We currently provide the opportunity for our students to get physically fit as well as work on any social or emotional challenges facing them through the sport of CrossFit. Students find important elements related to their lives building their resilience and resolve and forming healthy habits through their journey.

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Value, Independence, and Purpose (V.I.P.) This began as an idea to support our brick and mortar students with an array of skills to better navigate life after high school and well into their future. This program evolved into encompassing all students connected to Blueprint and its schools and incorporated internal staff to share their expertise and participate in various activities and events to build strong relationships with other staff and our students through trust, collaboration, team building, failing forward, and finding purpose.

Educational Trend: Real-life skills, Out of classroom opportunities



Blueprint Education Inc. celebrates 50 years of providing strong leadership, innovative educational programs and influence in the success and growth of thousands of students. Our commitment to expanding opportunities for students who have found themselves outside of traditional school situations has caused the expansion to all of our facilities. Blueprint Education Inc. significantly expanded its ground campus facility in West Phoenix to accommodate the tremendous enrollment growth and increased diversity of services for its students. Blueprint Education also grew its online school by 75% from the previous year.

Educational Trend: Visit us to see our use of scrum and agile in the environment of education.



2017 - Blueprint Education Inc. successfully renewed its charter through the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools for another 20 years.
2015 - Textbooks were no longer used as part of the online courses
2014 - Blueprint Education Inc. transformed the organization at the executive leadership to strengthen its core culture and bring on a new level of innovation and service.

Educational Trend: Open education



2009 - Blueprint Education Inc. opened its second ground campus charter high school in Chandler called Blueprint High School.
2004 - Blueprint Education Inc. became the official new name for the organization to reflect its renewed commitment to student success and innovations relating to the growing movement of personalized educational options.
2004 - Hope HS Online was established
2003 - Blueprint Education opened its first ground campus charter high school in West Phoenix called Hope High School.

Educational Trend: No Child Left Behind



1998 - Blueprint's Alternative Education Program in Chandler began.
1994 - Blueprint's Alternative Education Program was established
1994 - Blueprint Education opened Alternative Education Programs aimed at initially serving four Central Phoenix Elementary School Districts looking for off-campus placement.
1990 - Blueprint transitioned from print-based to online courses.

Educational Trend: Standards Based Education.



1983 - Blueprint Education offers driver’s education courses for high school students.
1980 - Blueprint Education gained accreditation through NCA (now AdvancEd). This was before the charter system was created in Arizona. We were an accredited private distance learning school.
Educational Trend: Back to the foundations of education.

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Blueprint Education focused on correspondence courses as an arm of the Phoenix Union High School District. Evening school and summer school.
1971 - Creation of personal computers.

Educational Trend: - Innovation and creative license in education.



1969 - Blueprint Education was officially incorporated as a 501(c)3 and governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Blueprint Education (aka Phoenix Special Programs) began as a correspondence school through a public school district in Arizona. Our goal was to help these children continue their education regardless of their life circumstances.
1960s - President Kennedy announced that the US would put a man on the moon. By 1969 the United States and NASA put a man on the moon with the Apollo mission program.

Blueprint Education's mission is to inspire students to make better choices and be champions of their own learning in an alternative, non-traditional school environment. We want to provide opportunities, tools, and choices that help students take ownership of how they learn as well as create more engagement in the learning process itself.

Students learn in a variety of ways and Blueprint can blend different methods of delivery that is best suited for each student. These educational options are meant to help inspire students towards a more rewarding and purposeful future. A future of many opportunities that they discover and of which they can be proud!

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