Student Resources


When do courses start?

Blueprint Education offers “Open Enrollment” for all of our courses. You may enroll at anytime.

Will I be able to start my course right away?

With the exception of special circumstances, all enrollments will be processed within 48 business hours.  Upon receiving your confirmation email, you will be able to access and begin working on your course(s).

How long does it take to complete a course?

All of the courses with Blueprint Education are self-paced. You are free (and even encouraged) to move through the courses as quickly as you can without compromising the quality of your work. On average, core courses take approximately 50-60 hours to complete (this will vary by student). Keep in mind there is an expiration date of 4 months from the time of enrollment.

There is the option to purchase a 2 month extension for $40.00 per course. This option is available two times per course, making 8 months maximum amount of time to complete a course.  It is your responsibility to contact Blueprint before the expiration date if you choose to purchase an extension. The extension period begins the day after the original expiration date.

Where do I find my course expiration date?

You can find your course expiration date in your enrollment confirmation email or by calling the main office at 602-674-5555. Students are given 4 months from the date they are enrolled to complete a course.

What do I need to do in order to complete my course?

In order to receive a final grade, the following requirements must be met:

  • All assignments must be completed.
  • Students must pass the cumulative exam with a 60% or higher. If a course (i.e. Spanish) has both a midterm and cumulative exam, students must average at least 60% on all portions of the exam.
How quickly do teachers grade my work?

Assignments are graded within 48 business hours. If you see an assignment has not been graded within this timeframe, please send your teacher a polite email informing them of the situation.

Am I allowed to retake quizzes, unit tests, lab reports or exams?

If you choose to retake a quiz, unit test, and/or lab report for grade improvement, it is your responsibility to contact your teacher and request a retake. This must be done within 3 business days. Once the teacher receives the request, you will most likely be asked to complete an additional assignment (such as a study guide or eNotes). This policy is in place to avoid your taking multiple assessments at the end of a course.

In the case of a failing grade, the teacher reserves the right to require a retake on the quiz or test to ensure mastery of the concepts before the cumulative exam will be approved.

What is a proctor?

If you plan on coming in to our office to take your exams, you do not need a proctor.

A proctor is any professional person who supervises while a student takes an exam outside of our office. To qualify as a proctor, they must meet the proctor guidelines as outlined and listed on the Proctor Approval Form. You will need to fill out the Proctor Approval form and send it to our office via fax, email, or by completing the online form.

The completed Proctor Approval Form will be reviewed, and the proctor will be contacted to determine whether or not they meet the qualifications. Both you and the proctor will be informed of the approval or denial status along with next steps.

Once your proctor is approved, they are entered into our database and can proctor future tests for you. If you ever need to change proctors, the process can be repeated.

Proctor Guidelines

Proctor Form

How do I request an exam?

Prior to submitting an exam request, all assignments including the cumulative exam review must be completed. Once this is done, you may request an exam. When Blueprint Education receives your request, we will contact your teacher directly to confirm that you are ready to take the exam.

Please be aware that it can take up to 24 business hours to receive a response, so please plan accordingly. Feel free to contact Blueprint Education at 602-674-5555 to check on the status of your exam request if you have not received a response within 24 business hours.

Exam Request

What if I fail a cumulative exam?

You must score at least a 60% on the cumulative exam to pass the course. If you have scored below, you may reach out to your teacher for a study guide and retake. There is a $15.00 fee for this retake.

What is honor code violation?

When conducting any research, including online, you are always required to cite your sources. If you copy and paste work directly from another source or fails to cite your source, an Honor Code Violation will be issued.

The Honor Code Policy is as follows:

1st offense– Access will be suspended until a Student Services Representative has spoken with a parent. After course access has been reinstated, the student must contact their teacher for further instructions.

2nd offense– Access will be suspended, and the parent must speak with the director.  After course access has been reinstated, the student must contact their teacher for further instructions.

3rd offense– Any student receiving a 3rd Honor Code Violation will receive a failing grade in that course.

To ensure communication is open, the student will be blocked from their courses until we receive a call or email response from a parent/guardian.

Can I purchase an extension if I do not finish my course in time?

A 2 month extension can be purchased for $40 per course. This opportunity to extend the course beyond the original expiration date is only available two times per course for a total of 4 months. It is your responsibility to contact Blueprint Education before the expiration date if you choose to purchase an extension. The extension period begins the day after the expiration date.

What is the refund policy?

Within 15 calendar days after tuition is paid – 70% refund may be issued

Within 16-30 calendar days after tuition is paid – 50% refund may be issued

After 30 calendar days of paid tuition – 0% refund available

Student Bill of Rights

What you expect from us:

  • Clear standards and communication
  • Exceptional courses
  • Highly Qualified teachers
  • Weekly progress reports
  • Free tutoring available
  • 48 business hour grading window
  • Student Support Specialists
  • Individualized learning
  • Courteous treatment
  • Solution oriented support
  • 24/7 course availability
  • High standards and expectations
  • To be treated with respect

What we expect from you:

  • Dedication and self-motivation
  • Communication with your teachers and Student Support Specialist
  • Adherence to the Honor Code Policy
  • Responsible and respectful treatment of teachers, students and Blueprint staff
  • Time management and adequate progress in courses
  • Dedication to doing your personal best
  • Commitment to thoroughly read all communication

What we expect from parents/guardians:

  • Read the weekly progress report to ensure your student is staying on track
  • Provide any relevant information regarding their education (IEP, 504)
  • Provide Blueprint any updated contact information (address, phone, email)

*** Please remember that Blueprint Education is here to ensure students receive the best education and experience possible. We work to collaborate with students, parents, and guardians to have exceptional outcomes for all students. ***