Independent Study Courses

Blueprint Education is committed to helping academic advisors and guidance counselors support students on their journey toward graduation.  Blueprint Education courses are available to all students for a variety of supplemental needs. Counselors and schools who partner with Blueprint Education are helping their students gain time management, organizational, and digital skills to be successful in college and future careers.

How students can leverage Blueprint Education courses:

Credit Recovery | Early Graduation Path | Grade Replacement | Chronic Health Issues | Schedule Restrictions or Conflicts | Credit Deficits | Summer School



Blueprint Education's mission is to inspire students to make better choices and be champions of their own learning in an alternative, non-traditional school environment. We want to provide opportunities, tools, and choices that help students take ownership of how they learn as well as create more engagement in the learning process itself.

Students learn in a variety of ways and Blueprint can blend different methods of delivery that is best suited for each student. These educational options are meant to help inspire students towards a more rewarding and purposeful future. A future of many opportunities that they discover and of which they can be proud!

Blueprint Education

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