Independent Study Courses

Blueprint Education is committed to helping academic advisors and guidance counselors support students on their journey toward graduation.  Blueprint Education courses are available to all students for a variety of supplemental needs. Counselors and schools who partner with Blueprint Education are helping their students gain time management, organizational, and digital skills to be successful in college and future careers.

How students can leverage Blueprint Education courses:

Credit Recovery | Early Graduation Path | Grade Replacement | Chronic Health Issues | Schedule Restrictions or Conflicts | Credit Deficits | Summer School



Are you accredited?

Blueprint Education is fully accredited through AdvancED. Blueprint Education has been accredited since 1981.

You will need to check with your respective school to verify your school’s acceptance of Blueprint Education courses.

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Are you NCAA approved?

Blueprint courses are not NCAA approved.

Do you offer credit recovery courses?

Blueprint Education offers a credit recovery option for all core courses.  Credit Recovery is available to any student who has previously taken and failed the identical course.

For example: If a student failed World History, they can take this course a second time with Blueprint Education. In order to qualify for a credit recovery course,  a transcript that reflects a failing grade in the requested course will need to be provided to Blueprint Education.

How long does it take to complete a course?

All of the courses with Blueprint Education are self-paced. Students are free (and even encouraged) to move through the courses as quickly as they can without compromising the quality of their work. On average, core courses take approximately 50-60 hours to complete (this will vary by student). For slower moving students, keep in mind that there is an expiration date of 4 months from the time of enrollment.

There is the option to purchase a 2 month extension for $40.00 per course. This option is available two times per course, making 8 months maximum amount of time to complete a course.  It is your responsibility to contact Blueprint before the expiration date if you choose to purchase an extension. The extension period begins the day after the original expiration date.

When do courses start?

Blueprint Education courses are offered as “Open Enrollment”.  Students may enroll anytime. The course will become available as soon as the enrollment process is finalized and students can complete the course at their own pace.