Why Visible Feedback and Reflection?

  • From our life experiences, many of us have learned that taking “good” feedback and learning from it can help propel us forward toward our goals.
  • From behavioral research, we know that visible feedback and reflection play an invaluable role in shaping learning and behavior by providing individuals with immediate and observable consequences, which can reinforce behavior or lead to change.
  • For Teams, “feedback plays a pivotal role in driving continuous improvement. . . It catalyzes growth by highlighting strengths and areas for development,” to assure alignment and delivery of high-quality outcomes (premiereagile.com).

For students, effective and meaningful feedback and opportunities for guided reflection are gamechangers. As a key component of the Agile in Education Compass, “Visible Feedback and Reflection is goal-centered, purposeful, and relevant,[fostering] a connection and application for both educators and learners. Visible feedback can become a powerful opportunity for students to build metacognition, practice self-reflection, and exercise self-agency toward continuous improvement. When students and teachers realize that feedback is not an evaluation, the otucome can be increased self-confidence and trust in the iterative process”

Blueprint Education Eduvators, Agile in Education Compass Journey).

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Author: Marina O’Connell, MAEd, CSM, CSPO, CAL K-12