Three Ways of Making Something New Again

Update the Purpose
Updating the purpose for your change helps others understand why the change is occurring in the first place. They may not necessarily agree with your stated reason but you’ve now given them something with which to work. From here, you can create a space for team members to voice their opinions and recommendations. Many times a new purpose is what is needed to push an old idea ahead.

Revitalize your Rally Cry
It’s a great time to reinvigorate your rally cry. What will motivate your team to get behind your push this time around? How can you boost the momentum or lack thereof among the group? What is it that will change your team’s attitude and want to move the meter on this particular project? Is your rally cry aligned with the team’s interest? Does it speak to them?

Lots of TLC
Just like anything else, more care and attention and focus will brighten your team’s energy and perhaps even shed new light and a new perspective on an old idea. Facilitate ways that you positively influence buy-in and empowerment from your team. Show them just how important or valuable this idea could be with their help.