Pursuant to A.R.S. 38-431.02, all public notices of the meeting of Blueprint Education Inc. Board will be posted via a link in the Public Information section under the About tab on the Blueprint Education Inc. website and on the main lobby door of Blueprint Education Inc. corporate office in Phoenix, Arizona. The Blueprint Education Board of Directors acts as the governing board for the schools and is, pursuant to ARS 15-183, responsible for the policy decisions of the charter schools.

Blueprint Education Inc.
2225 W. Whispering Wind Dr. Suite 205
Phoenix AZ 85085

Blueprint Education's mission isĀ to inspire students to make better choices and be champions of their own learning in an alternative, non-traditional school environment. We want to provide opportunities, tools, and choices that help students take ownership of how they learn as well as create more engagement in the learning process itself.

Students learn in a variety of ways and Blueprint can blend different methods of delivery that is best suited for each student. These educational options are meant to help inspire students towards a more rewarding and purposeful future. A future of many opportunities that they discover and of which they can be proud!

Blueprint Education

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2225 W. Whispering Wind Dr.
Suite 205
Phoenix, AZ 85085