3 Game-Changers for Your Teen—Curbing Your Student’s Stress

Illustration by Jeff Del Nero based upon (Photo by Jonathan Andrew from Pexels)

With a student’s life comes frequent times of stress. When a big assignment is due, quizzes and the ultimate one…finals, all can tip anyone into the danger zone. A certain amount of stress has always paired up with school. What we are seeing in the traditional classroom has morphed into something new and is a huge cause for concern with educators and parents. If this real and overwhelming amount of stress is hampering your student’s success, what are some identifiers and strategies to help curb your student’s stress? Here are a few suggestions you can implement with your student.

Eat Well & Sleep More

Sleep and diet top this list for affecting the stress level of any teenager. Most of us adults know how important these two issues are even for ourselves, so first, start with modeling this in your life. By taking care of yourself consistently, your teen will be influenced by their choices of food and schedule. You know the adage, “Actions speak louder than words” and this aptly applies here. There have been so many studies done to show the effects of enough sleep and a sound diet with the growth of a teen’s body and mind. Have a talk with your student about your family and how you can start to make changes for a healthier lifestyle that are reasonable.

Schedule Your Time

If your students are attending an online high school and working on their classes from home, create a schedule together to hold everyone accountable for their time. If your student verbalizes this schedule out loud, they can hear it and it becomes real. So easily we can get sidetracked with something that we want to do. By devoting specific times for schoolwork, options are limited, which creates a more positive attitude towards their school work. This, in turn, lowers the stress level which procrastination can cause. Set achievable goals for each study session. In turn, these daily steps will add up to positive results.

Plan Something to Look Forward To

Create a full and well-rounded schedule of other interesting adventures. When you have something to look forward to, sometimes this helps us stay focused and get the assignment done. So plan some fun into those academic schedules! Go out and get some exercise to clear your mind. A little goes a long way with a teenager’s attitude. Consequently, a great tool to deal with stress.

Remember living with stress usually isn’t a good thing for anyone at any age. If something isn’t working, switch it up and try something different and the same goes for your choice of schools. Look for other alternatives for your student to be successful with their short window of time while in high school.

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