3 Steps to Successfully Use Scrum At the Office

3 Steps to Successfully Use Scrum At the Office. By having team members commit to the process of working as a whole. Employing Transparency and reinforcing team building principles through participation. Through this methodology, your team culture can be supported towards success.

Committed Team Members…in order for scrum to really have a good foundation from upon which you build, the team will need to fully commit to the process and artifacts. This also means that your team needs to have a good understanding and vulnerability towards one another. If they are good in terms of functioning as a whole and are able to be open and honest during the sprints as well as the retrospective, your team will be well ahead of the curve.

Transparency and Reinforcements…it is just as critical to have very tangible and visible reinforcers related to your scrum sprints. It will raise the level of importance and build new behaviors when it comes to how the team should operate. Sometimes what ends up happening is that some team members become frustrated as issues arise whether that’s someone missing a daily stand up or someone not staying focused on how to better the team in a retrospective. Whatever the case may be, keep in mind that these challenges are supposed to come to light. That’s what the process and artifacts uncover. The more things you witness, the better your team will become at addressing them and improving the process and becoming more efficient together.

Culture Support…In the end, your culture will either align with Agile and Scrum or it will destroy it. This is much more than buy-in, it’s a full-blown dedication to the principles and tenets of Agile and Scrum organization-wide. It’s about making collaboration, team self-organization, vulnerability, reflection and retrospect, honest conversations, and a solid continuous commitment to improvement a priority and meaningful.