Wait, What About Scrum In The Classroom?

Our students decide that school culture was the most important place to start

So what do you do when your BIG PLANS to teach students the scrum framework so they can achieve better academic success in the classroom blows up in your face? You roll with it. You take the very lessons in focus, openness, respect, commitment, and EXTREME COURAGE, that you just gave them and you trust the authenticity of the process. So here we were, NOT going down the path of implementing scrum in the classroom, yet trusting a group of new “scrumsters” to embed agility into the very thread of who we were as a school. The shoe dropped, and HopeSquad became the driving force of our campus. Where Jocks and cool kids used to rule, scrum leaders became the top dogs on campus, and everyone who was “anyone” was on the HopeSquad Team. They were the students that determined the fate of how Halloween would be celebrated and who’s face made it on the facebook page that week. They determined how silly or cool spirit week would be and how many sandwiches and sprints it would take to feed over 50 homeless families. They were the bread and butter of Hope High School and they were the ones that truly taught us to be agile.

The Flame- Scrum Team
Lighting the flame in our students to become active and engaged on campus.
The Goonies- Scrum Team
Peer support, student resources, and Mediation
Wings of Hope- Scrum Team
Promoting and planning Community Service Opportunities

More Student Led Events

Exploration of talent, Self Expression, and Pride
Increased Community service efforts
Out of the box school events