#Hopesquad 2015- The First Student Led Scrum Team Is Born

Students Become Our Teachers

In November 2015, John Miller, our partner in crime…or agility rather, helped us to organize our first student scrum workshop titled, Collaborative Agility. We naively took 20 students to a cabin in the snow to give them a two day, crash course, in Agile and Scrum. They self-organized, defined their vision, assigned Scrum roles, and took off faster than we were ready for, far more rapid than their teachers and administrators. Why? For the first time in their educational history, they were given the opportunity really be in charge of what and how they were learning. They decided that they wanted to take back the culture, events, and activities in their school as their first mission as the new student-led scrum team.

a student-designed logo for #HopeSquad