A better alternative in education.

In 1994, Blueprint Education partnered with school districts in the greater Phoenix area, and pioneered a movement for innovative alternative education in Arizona. Each year, our Alternative Education Program continually serves many local districts, schools, and children in grades 3 to 8.

Always improving our design with the goal of our students at the forefront.

The Blueprint Alternative Program employs innovative teaching and learning techniques to inspire, empower and transform students, families and communities. Blueprint Alternative Education Program provides a structured environment with firm standards; a behavior modification program with goal setting, checks and balances, and recognition; a age/grade appropriate curriculum and engagement activities that move education forward while at the same time providing critical behavioral support and positive reinforcement for the whole student.

Geared for student possibilities.

Our Alternative Education Program gives hope to students at risk of tuning out or giving up. We offer an elementary school model for 3th to 8th graders that provides an off campus placement setting so students aren’t distracted by their original environment. For the student, our Alternative Education Program provides an added opportunity for success in school. Our smaller class size with flexible instruction and learning level options can be individualized for each student’s level of learning.


Giving hope to school districts.

Blueprint Alternative Education allows school districts to join in a cooperative ownership for quality alternative education. We establish a contract with each student for goal setting and subject completion, then plan and check timelines, study and evaluative sessions. We also send monthly progress reports to parents and the student’s school so everyone stays on the same page. Our Alternative Education Program offers an option to full expulsion, help to separate the student from negative influences, and reinforcement of attendance requirements, dress codes and behavior standards.

Our current partner districts include:

  • Wilson Elementary District
  • Osborn Elementary District
  • Phoenix Elementary District
  • Balsz Elementary District
  • Glendale Elementary District
  • Washington Elementary District


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