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Charter High Schools for Arizona Students

Blueprint Education now offers three distinctive charter high schools in Arizona. Each one centers on our accredited courses and innovative learning strategies.

We made our first foray into the charter school arena in 1995 with curriculum and consulting services. In 1998, we partnered with the Deer Valley Unified School District to create one of the first state-funded virtual schools. In time and with experience, we opened campuses in Phoenix and Chandler, AZ.

Hope High School Online. Hope High School Online opened in 2003 as one of the seven selected virtual schools approved by the Arizona State Board of Charter Schools. HHS-Online serves students in grades 7 to 12.

Hope High School in Phoenix. Located in Southwest Phoenix, Hope High School is a tuition-free charter school where students benefit from self-paced learning and small class sizes. HHS Phoenix provides a flexible learning environment ideal for students who want to accelerate their graduation date, learn online, or get back on track for graduation. Our students range from gifted learners to new residents, teen parents to transfer students, to many others.


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Common Core and the PARCC Assessment

Arizona Department of Education 2013-2014 Proposed Budget Summary

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  • Mitch Horlick
  • Jon Miller
  • Leigh Critchley

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