Make some Memories

Schedule some Activities and Be a Hero!

Now while you still have some time, pull out that calendar and chose some dates for holiday activities. It doesn’t need to be anything elaborate, but carve out a few hours to spend time with family and friends. Simple and easy ideas include baking or games, but be strong and ask everyone to turn their phones off and put them away. Taking away the option to interact with their technology, your participates will get a mental break from their “ mechanical friends”. Otherwise, your teens are constantly looking at their screens to see if they are missing out on something.

“We do not remember days, we remember moments!”
~ a quote from Cesare Pavese

Evenings together can be a beautiful teacher modeling how to have fun. Often you will hear people say that their family “always” did this or that when they might have only done it a few times. This is the power of memory! So take advantage of this tool to start building traditions for your family. Including your teen’s friends to participate will spread encouragement to others outside your family to do the same in their lives. 

Teenagers need to be shown how to play—and be appropriately playful. Don’t be afraid to attempt these activities because there will be push back from your high schooler. Teens are afraid of being put in an uncomfortable situation and if their friends aren’t doing it, they don’t want to be doing it. But as children, they crave fun; so create some fun! Even if they say No very loudly, still Do It! They will reluctantly do it and inside they will love you for it. Years later you will probably hear how much they love it.

It’s a difficult job being a parent today because it challenges us to stand up and be strong. Don’t be afraid to venture out on a limb and take a stand for what you believe is a good and right thing for your family. Honestly, children are wanting that direction from us…So Just Do It! 

School is the same way for a lot of teenagers today. Many struggle with their attendance because of the find school difficult and challenging. Set up standards for your teen about school. Give them one option…they are expected to go and do their best. That should be your family’s only option. Of course with some you will have “push back”, but don’t cave in. If you are in that position where you need encouragement, please reach out to the folks at Blueprint Education. They would love to hear from you! Their team is available to guide you and your family in a direction that is best for you. Give them a call today at 602.674.5555 or use live chat on our website.

Photo by MI PHAM on Unsplash