Mind Medicine For Online High School Students

I’m going to be real. Mind mapping is really… awkward.

I’m going to be real. Mind mapping is really… awkward. The brilliant teachers who coach us through the process brand it with the simplicity of sipping an iced tea when really it’s a swallow of castor oil. That may be a little bit of an exaggeration – especially if you’ve ever tasted castor oil. But for those of you who have difficulty plucking words from the sky that bear any resemblance to one another, or to anything meaningful at all. I want to put your mind at ease: You’re not alone.

we can find better solutions

Mind mapping, for those who are curious, is a great method for solving problems like “What do I want to study in college or how is this online Math class relevant to what I want to do.” “Ideation” is what they call it, which means generating ideas creatively. 

So, the act of mind mapping aims to affect our creative side, so more ideas flow, so we can find better solutions whether it’s that online Math problem or something after you finish online high school. Literally, when creating a mind map, you write a central idea in the center of your paper and then connect ideas and words to that central idea. When you have that, connect more ideas and words to those ideas and words. So it looks like a spider’s web that caught a bunch of ideas and words instead of flies.

develop a genuine affection for words

A great starting point, even before penning your first thought is to begin to develop a genuine affection for words. Especially being an online high school student, words are extremely important because you aren’t really face-to-face with your teachers or other staff all the time. 

Words are hands down, the most powerful thing on the planet. With words, anything, and everything that has ever happened-happened because of words. Some people have the most mind-boggling imaginations, but without words, they don’t become Disneyland or Google or the theory of relativity.

Not every scratch on your mind map needs to have the potential to change the world. Developing a respect for the potential you can create by simply webbing words together is a great place to begin your masterpiece. So what online high school courses do you think would help you develop a great mind mapping skill?

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