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Can I purchase an extension if I do not finish my class in time?

A 2 month extension can be purchased for $40 per course. The opportunity to extend a course beyond the original expiration date is only available two times per course for a total of 4 months. It is your responsibility to contact Blueprint Education before the expiration date if you choose to purchase an extension. The 2 month extension period is based on the existing expiration date, NOT the date of purchase. If the course is not complete after two extensions have been purchased, the course will be dropped or it must be repurchased for the full price.

How do I check my grades/progress?
  1. Log in your course.
  2. Moving through the Course
    1. Scroll down the left hand side of the page and select a course to look at.
    2. Once inside a course, look at the left hand column.
    3. You will see links labeled Assignments, Quizzes, and Grades.  These will be the main links that you use to see how your student is doing.
  • Assignments
  1. If more than 3 days has passed since it was submitted and the teacher has not graded it please click on the assignment and scroll to the bottom of the page to see if the teacher left comments as to why it has not been graded.  If no comments have been left you may contact our office so we can have it graded
  2. The column next to it labeled “Grade” will show you how many points the student received on that assignment.
  3. The column on the right hand side labeled “Submitted” will be blank if no assignments have been submitted.  However, if the student did submit something you will see the date and time that it was submitted.
  4. Click on the Assignments link.
  • Quizzes
  1. Click on the Quizzes link.
  2. The column on the right hand side labeled “Grade” will tell you the score that the student received on each quiz.  If there is not a score listed the student has not taken the quiz.
  3. By clicking on the quiz name you can see the day and time that particular quiz was taken.  From this page, you can click on “Review” and you will be able to see all questions that were asked and what the student got right or wrong, along with the correct answers marked.
  • Grades
  1. Click on the Grades link.
  2. This page will give you a quick rundown of all online assignments and quizzes.  If these assignment and quizzes have been completed you will see their percentages along with any teacher comments.
  3. This page also gives you the overall grade for each lesson and exam grades.  Please be aware that the lesson average may be low if not all assignments and quizzes have been completed and graded.  The lesson average is calculated from all possible points, it is not an average of what has been completed.
How do I request and exam?

When you log in, you’ll see a link on your DL Home Page that says “Exam Request Form”. Fill this out, and we’ll check to see if you are ready to take your exam. Remember, we’ll respond to you within 24 business hours, so plan accordingly. If you haven’t heard back from us within 24 hours, please give us a call to check on the status of your request. Requests that haven’t been answered, have not been approved.


How long does it take to complete a course?

All of our courses are self paced.  Students are free (and even encouraged) to move through the courses as fast as they can without compromising the quality of their work.  For slower moving students, keep in mind that there is an expiration date of 6 months from the time of enrollment that will be enforced.
Most of our courses consist of 15 lessons composed of various assignments and quizzes.  The best formula to use when calculating how long it will take to complete a course is to determine how long it will take to complete one lesson and multiply that amount of time by 15.  Typically, if a student works 5 days per week on a single course and completes one lesson per day, they can finish one course in approximately 3 weeks.

How quickly do teachers grade my work?

Instructor grade assignments within 48 hours. If you see that an assignment has not been graded, send your instructor a polite email letting them know.

What do I need to do in order to complete my class?
  • Most courses have handwritten work that MUST BE turned into the office at the end of the course.  Course grades will not be entered until this work is received.
  • All assignments must be submitted and they must be scored at higher than 0%. Any 0% assignments must be resubmitted in order to receive a final grade.
  • Students must pass both the midterm and final exams with a 60% or better.  The lesson average of your course must also be no less than 60%.
  • The day after a final grade has been recorded, a transcript will be mailed to your school.
What is a proctor?

If you plan on coming into our office to take your exams, you do not need a proctor!

A proctor is a professional person who supervises a student while they take an exam when they cannot come into our office to test. A proctor can be someone you know that meets our guidelines, as listed on the Proctor Approval Form. You will need to fill out the Proctor Approval form.

We will look over the information provided, and contact the proctor and determine whether or not they fit the requirements outlined. Once they are approved or denied, we will email you to let you know the outcome.

When your proctor is approved, they are added to our database, and can proctor tests for you. If you ever need to change proctors, you can repeat the process.

What is honor code violation?

Students are always required to cite their sources, even when asked to do research online. When a student copies and pastes work directly from another source or fails to cite their source, they are issued an Honor Code Violation.

The Honor Code Policy is as follows:

1st offense– Access will be suspended until a Student Services Representative has spoken with a parent. The student must resubmit the assignment with the opportunity to earn full credit.

2nd offense– Access will be suspended, and the director must speak with a parent. The student must resubmit the assignment with the opportunity to earn half credit.

3rd offense– Any student receiving a 3rd Honor Code Violation will receive a failing grade in that course.
To ensure communication is open, the student will be blocked from their class until we receive a call or email response from a parent/guardian.

Where do I find my course expiration date?

You can find your course expiration date on your enrollment confirmation email or by calling the main office at 602-674-5555. Students are given 6 months from the date they enrolled to complete a course.


Moodle Forms

Moodle Exam Requests

To request your exam to be released to your proctor, click below.




Moodle Proctor Approval

You will need to get a proctor to oversee you taking midterms and finals.






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