Think of the Next Chapter as a Time to Experience Jobs, School, and Training in Iterations.

Summer Jobs: A Time to Explore Opportunities and See How Your Interest Fits

It’s April and summer is coming quick. Lots of things are happening; planning summer vacations, scheduling summer babysitting, summer jobs, and high school graduation.

Yes, graduation is around the corner.

As high school seniors prep for finals and state testing, this multi-year chapter of their life is coming to a close. Some students have a plan of what their next chapter is and some are still outlining it. Either way, there is no prescription for life after high school. For those who are still outlining their chapter, you don’t have to have the outline complete. Think of the next chapter as a time to experience jobs, school, and training in iterations. A long term commitment is not required right off the bat.

Maybe you have an interest as a Vet tech. Reach out to a veterinarian and see if you can volunteer some time to see if this is more than just an interest. If you are interested in cars, reach out to a mechanic and see if you can do some job shadowing or even work there part-time. Explore your opportunities and see how your interest fits. While you might feel scared about not knowing what is next, it is a great time to explore.

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