BlueCross Blue Shield of AZ Agile Workshop

Students were able to work in groups that allowed them to work on critical thinking and communication to create an idea that could potentially provide a service. Students were able to work on public speaking skills by presenting to others what they had created and how it was going to function.  

Hope Champion Scholarship Awards Spring 2019

So What Is the Hope “Champion” Scholarship? This scholarship is available for students at Hope High School who will continue their education at a community college, trade school, or career certification program. This scholarship will supplement tuition rates that are above the financial aid awarded by the federal government. The Hope “Champion” Scholarship is FOR: … Read more

Howard Sublett visits Hope High School to see Scrum In Education at work.

I’m not sure how to describe this… well first, I’m sitting in a rental car in Phoenix and it’s a lovely 75 or 80 degrees. But in case you don’t know, I’m Howard Sublett, I am the product owner for the Scrum Alliance, and I had an opportunity to come to Phoenix, Arizona to see … Read more

A Scholarship Available to a Hope High School Graduate Who Enrolls with Pima Medical

Today (March 22, 2019) Michael Porpora, President West Division at OnePoint Patient Care spoke to the JAG students at Hope High School about careers in pharmacy.  Also, to the delight of the students, he brought pizza!Mr. Porpora explained that the field of pharmacy is open to high school graduates who can begin as a Pharmacy … Read more

When You Just Don’t Like Your Instructor

When you just don’t like your instructor  — “I can’t stand my teacher besides they don’t even like me!” If you haven’t heard this yet from your student, don’t be surprised when it comes up some time soon. How can we help our disgruntled pupil successfully maneuver through this rough patch? Here are three suggestions to … Read more

A generous donation of the surplus food was made by a local Farmer’s Market to our students and their families.

Books and minds weren’t the only things being opened at Hope High School last week. A generous donation of the surplus food was made by a local Farmer’s Market to our students and their families. Mitch Horlick, our Board of Directors President, pulled this incredible opportunity together for Hope High School. “We are very grateful … Read more

The Hard Truth About Scrum in the Classroom.

The Hard Truth The room was bustling with sounds of shifting papers, talk of turning in grades, and the well awaited spring break. Teachers impatiently sat around tables to hear the latest and greatest educational approach that they would be forced to implement into their all-encompassing classrooms. Imagine their delight when the principal calls order … Read more