Value | Independence | Purpose

VIP Program Overview

The goal of the VIP program is to prepare our students to design a life of value, independence, and purpose (VIP). Many of our students don't reach their potential success, not because they aren't presented with opportunities, but because they are not confident or prepared when the doors of possibility are opened.

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Essentially, the complexity of their lives, stemming from poverty, the absence of parental support, and the lack of resilience, fosters stagnation and leaves our students content with complacency. We challenge the societal view that says these students at risk cannot thrive. We know from experience that by exposing these students, as early as possible, to a new reality of unexpected interests, skills, and experiences, they are able to design a life of purpose, without the fear of failure or extreme success.

By purposefully creating opportunities to garner authentic and trusting relationships, we want to champion our students using Scrum as the  framework and an Agile approach, to help them embrace the ideas of lifelong improvement and unlimited hope.


Program Goals

Our goal is to support our students in designing a life of Value, Independence, and Purpose (VIP), Blueprint is devoted to developing relationships with our students, families, and community to cultivate an agile culture of empowerment and self-actualization.

Designing a life is superior to “choosing a career” because students will learn to ideate, prototype, and test through entrepreneurial curriculum, developed by Seed Spot. More important than picking a career path is learning the skills to make important decisions throughout life.

Value, Independence, and Purpose

are three key factors determining postsecondary success.

Regardless of what we teach or what opportunities we bring to our students, the impact of Relationships is the most important factor for success in our students, families, and community.  We will never lose sight of the fact that we value individuals and interactions over processes and tools.


Students will develop value (self-worth) as they work in diverse teams to build business models that address nascent social problems. They will also develop communication skills to pitch their ideas. Through the experience, students will begin to see themselves as creative problem solvers.


Students will develop  Independence (Self Reliance) as they begin to understand how root cause analysis can be applied to both business development decisions and personal decisions about things like work, play, love, and health. Students with Independence demonstrate the resilience necessary to respond to impediments.


Students with Purpose (Self Actualization) see the contribution they can make to the community and embrace the entrepreneurial spirit of asking what could be.