Time To Get Your Lifeview In Alignment With The Right Free Online High School

“Today I said yes.”

Today I said Yes in a business world (you can substitute free online high school) that keeps wanting to teach me to say No.

“Busy professionals (and busy students) need to learn to say ‘No!’” they tell me, “because that’s the way to avoid distractions that get in the way of your success.”

Well, I’m saying “No!” to that advice. (and you can say “no” also.)

I’m celebrating this pivotal moment because it’s part of my transformation into someone who spends less time trying to figure out life, and more time living it. I’m developing a new approach that puts me in a position to say Yes naturally because it aligns with my values. (How can you develop a new approach to a free online high school that aligns to your core values and will give you more time to live your life and less time trying to figure it out?)

This profound moment in history was instigated by a book by Bill Burnett & Dave Evans called Designing Your Life where they were teaching me about aligning my “workview” with my “lifeview.” (Again you can substitute workview with free online high school view)

If you value autonomy, hard work, and responsibility for a job well done, and yet your paycheck (or even your mindset) orbits a time clock, your workview (or free online high school view) and lifeview are not aligned. If what you find socially meaningful is not represented in your work (or school work or learning), you’re going to have a harder time with life satisfaction. This is the wisdom I earned from going through the exercises in their book.

By getting real about my workview (or your free online high school view) and my lifeview and then integrating them into one beautiful story, decisions about what to do with my time and energy can flow from Yes to Yes, giving me a more fulfilling and adventurous life.

So where do your free online high school view and lifeview integrate? Are you taking advantage of all that your free online high school has to offer? Do they have the right support and resources to help and inspire you to take your learning into the real world? If not, Hope High School Online is definitely the better free online high school choice but don’t wait. Get started on your new schoolview and lifeview alignment now. Call us at 602.674.5555 or visit our website today. If you are ready, enroll now!