Wait, What About Scrum In The Classroom?

Our students decide that school culture was the most important place to start So what do you do when your BIG PLANS to teach students the scrum framework so they can achieve better academic success in the classroom blows up in your face? You roll with it. You take the very lessons in focus, openness, … Read more

#Hopesquad 2015- The First Student Led Scrum Team Is Born

Students Become Our Teachers In November 2015, John Miller, our partner in crime…or agility rather, helped us to organize our first student scrum workshop titled, Collaborative Agility. We naively took 20 students to a cabin in the snow to give them a two day, crash course, in Agile and Scrum. They self-organized, defined their vision, assigned … Read more

Hope High School Gets Official

A Generous Donation! Teachers become Certified Scrum Masters. Through a generous donation of time, energy, and experience, Mike Vizdos gifted our staff with an opportunity of growth. A 25-year veteran and Scrum expert came down to our campus and taught our teachers the Scrum framework in the very seats that our students sit in every day. He … Read more

A New Mentor for Blueprint!

Who better to help us continue to emerge on our journey than Mr. Mike Casper. Volunteering his time and skills as a coach not just Hope High School but to the entire Blueprint organization. Mike, helped us to get out of our own way to truly embrace the values of scrum and agile. The biggest … Read more

Fragile Agile

Inspired, and ready to launch, teachers embarked in the task of implementing scrum in their classrooms. As they reached each hurdle from confused students asking questions they could not answer, to the trying task of fitting all state standards onto one scrum board, teachers soon realized that they could not teach, what they themselves did … Read more