Blue Cross Blue Shield Partners again for the 2nd Annual Scrum Workshop

As we at Hope High School seek to empower our students in another engaging Agile workshop hosted by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, The Scrum Alliance again sends a team to capture the experience in this wonderful video.

Scrum Gathering San Diego 2017

HHS Students, Teachers, Administrators, and Executives Take Scrum Gathering San Diego by Storm

Student Scrum Retreat 2.0

We are no longer nieve and we are no longer afraid of the momentum that agile brings to our students. So we partner with Blue Cross Blue Shield to host our second Student Scrum retreat and The Scrum Alliance was there to capture it all. Hope High School is a Charter school in Phoenix, … Read more

Agile in Education Compass

The Scrum Alliance Becomes Apart of Our Next Iteration With Hopesquad running on all cylinders, and literally self organizing, it was time to get back to the basics. We reassessed where we needed to put our efforts. We decided to look again at scrum in the classroom. Wanting to give … Read more

Blueprint Education Speaks Out

Wait, What About Scrum In The Classroom?

Our students decide that school culture was the most important place to start So what do you do when your BIG PLANS to teach students the scrum framework so they can achieve better academic success in the classroom blows up in your face? You roll with it. You take the … Read more

#Hopesquad 2015- The First Student Led Scrum Team Is Born

Students Become Our Teachers In November 2015, John Miller, our partner in crime…or agility rather, helped us to organize our first student scrum workshop titled, Collaborative Agility. We naively took 20 students to a cabin in the snow to give them a two day, crash course, in Agile and Scrum. They … Read more

Hope High School Gets Official

A Generous Donation! Teachers become Certified Scrum Masters. Through a generous donation of time, energy, and experience, Mike Vizdos gifted our staff with an opportunity of growth. A 25-year veteran and Scrum expert came down to our campus and taught our teachers the Scrum framework in the very seats that our students … Read more

A New Mentor for Blueprint!

Who better to help us continue to emerge on our journey than Mr. Mike Casper. Volunteering his time and skills as a coach not just Hope High School but to the entire Blueprint organization. Mike, helped us to get out of our own way to truly embrace the values of … Read more

Blueprint Education's mission is to inspire students to make better choices and be champions of their own learning in an alternative, non-traditional school environment. We want to provide opportunities, tools, and choices that help students take ownership of how they learn as well as create more engagement in the learning process itself.

Students learn in a variety of ways and Blueprint can blend different methods of delivery that is best suited for each student. These educational options are meant to help inspire students towards a more rewarding and purposeful future. A future of many opportunities that they discover and of which they can be proud!

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